PVC Braided Hoses
Transparent - Super Heavy
Water Hose (Black)

Heavy duty hose which is made of special grade oil and chemical resistant PVC, reinforced with top quality nylon (twisted) yarn which assures better working pressure and temperature.

Product Range

6 mm ID to 63 mm ID




  • Industrial Air Compressors - Air / Pneumatic Hoses.
  • Steel Mills / Metal Casting Units.
  • Cooling lines of induction Furnaces.
  • Jack Hammer Hose for Drilling.
  • Dyes and Chemical Handling.
  • Bore Well Cleaning
  • Suction and Delivery hose for Mine dewatering
  • Heavy Duty Water hose for Projects like Thermal Power Plants and other engineering Sites.
  • Water hose for Plantations.
  • Marine and ship building.
  • Diesel and Edible oil handling.
  • Plastic Raw Material handling.
  • Vacuum Lines.

Medium duty

economy hose reinforced with plain nylon yarn or polyester yarn.

Product Range

12 mm ID to 50 mm ID


  • Industrial Water hose for steel mills, metal Casting units.
  • Project Water hose for engineering sites, Thermal Power Plants, Marine, Shipping, Fishing and many more.
  • Economy Water Hose for Plantations.

Water Hose (Black)

PVC Economy

PVC Braided Hoses
Transparent - Super Heavy

Absolutely flexible and medium heavy water hose for domestic, gardening and construction sites. Offers transparent -Heavy duty long length water hoses for industrial applications, construction sites, marine and ship building, diesel and edible oil handling, plantations, projects like Thermal power plants and other engineering sites. And the super heavy water hose are used for dyes and chemical handling, Bore well cleaning, suction and delivery hose for mine dewatering , heavy duty water hose for engineering projects, plantations where rough handling is required, steel mills, metal casting units, cooling lines of induction furnaces etc.

A special hose for high altitudes - all weather applications. Retains flexibility at low temperatures.

Product Details

Top quality PVC blended with synthetic rubber and also reinforced with high tenacity polyester yarn.


Ideal Rubber water hose for domestic, Plantations, industries, Fire reel hose and all other uses as stated above. For super heavy duty water applications, you may select Thermoplastic Air / Pneumatic hoses.

Water Hose (Black)

PVC Braided Welding

Water Hose (Black)

Thermoplastic Welding - Medium Duty


Made out of PVC compound and reinforced with nylon twisted / non twisted yarn. An economical option, although light and less flexible in nature.


Made out of special grade PVC blended with synthetic rubber and reinforced with polyester yarn for better flexibility, working pressure and service life.